Saturday, May 7, 2011

Christmas In May

; Well, Last thursday night THE SAC organised a social gathering for all sunway-TES students.
The social gathering was not too bad. but the food was horrible! LOL! no offence.

This year the social gathering the term is 'Christmas In May' dress code : RED & WHITE.

I think it will be our last picture for CAT. :S

am waiting for the graduation's day!

manda-ish, Frau-line and ME!

Group PHOTO with Mr.Akhbar. Our t7 lecturer :)

Thanks for ur teaching and support! We won't fail ur paper SIR!

Coming up FINALS in JUNE! All the best to all candidates!

Gosh! I haven't start my revision yet. Gonna start start TODAY!

But wait, Today is mother's DAY! I want to go celebrate mother's day with my lovely mom.

less one day of study, doesn't make any difference right? LOL.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Gonna post something short here. I've been busy with exam. This sem really hectic. Exam really pressure me though. argh! ; Celebrated my younger sister birthday at LemonGrass. ( near my house) She is officailly 17 this year. Glad that she's a big girl now. But she still as childish as I always think she is.
I ordered a plate of spagetti. very fattening I know.

My lunch for FRIDAY!

; After Malaysia studies, went to meeple with few friends including ying2, angel, max, bryan, JunJie (JJ), yee seen and me myself. We played a free game called ' Lost island' something like that. then we played 'bang' and 'panic tower'.

In the end, I dont really like that 'bang' game. maybe because i dont really understand how's the game like.

During dinner time, we went to ate JOJO pan mee. after that, headed to AC to play pool. :)

Ying2 see how crazy is she. definately the thing will fall :P

; will update as soon as I can. gonna buck up my t8!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's a Fool DAY!

It's april fool day once again!

; let's see who kena prank by me this year.

; I told myself I have to be more alert that no one is going to easily prank.

guess what, thanks to FRAU the only CAT mate who prank me after 12 in the morning.

; She told me that malaysian studies gonna extent another few hours. which is going to end at 7pm.

; and i was like 'OMG! are you serious or what?'

; then i realised It was a joke. =.=

; thanks girl for that prank ya! LOL

Next, during ms time..I asked Juede to called up to my elder sister and try to prank her on the phone.

; at first juede was like ' hi..then what bye'

; my sister kept calling a few times, trying to get me.

; but they told me not to answer the phone. hmm..

Yet, my mom and her bf call again and again.

; they start to worry i guess.

they will be wondering who is the guy who is holding xm's phone and talk to her.

; hmm..things getting nervous right now.

; so during the break time, Juede called my sister back again.

; this time juede told her that I have emotional break down that I don't wish to talk to anyone. just me alone.

; then juede pass the phone to me and I sounds like i'm crying. But i wasn't. My sister keep asking me what happen to me and blablabla.

; well after what I told her about it..I straight away close down the phone.

; She called back then i told her was just a joke.

" Happy April Fool Day JIE! "

She was kinda mad at me. But i'm glad I managed to prank her. :)

I know i'm naughty just for today. hah!

Yaix, malaysian studies was so boring today. I mean all the days that we have ms. Lecturer kinda like force us to join Asli club or something. Then we have to sell out the entry form to the public. which is each quiz form for 1 buck. hmm..who do you think will buy those form paper and willing to join all these quiz. I really got no idea what for we are doing this for him. Even thought if we have did all these, it doesn't help our ms to get marks. =.= well, my group was like Why are we doing this and blablabla. Well, let's just do it then..

Next week, my group gonna start the first group for presentation about Francis Light. Well, we havent really prepare what are going to do. Hopefully that he will satisfy our presentation. :)

Alright, what I have did in April Fool's day. Bryan, Casper, Cas and I went to ate snowflake at Kuchai Lama. In Malaysia, definately it's a MUST eat dessert when the weather is HOT.

Before we went to went to eat snowflake. We planned to prank Casper that he will reach at cas's place by 8:30 sharp. But what happen was once he has reached and Bryan and I told him that we wont be coming. Gonna cancel tonight planned. He starts to get angry. LOL.

and YES! we managed to prank him in this situation! :)

After that, we went to MV and check out what are the late night movies. We planned to watch ' Don't go breaking my heart' but by the time we reach it's kinda like too late for us. they only starts at 12 something in the morning. how sad the movie starts so late. We came all the way to mv and yet we have done nothing. In the end, Went to play pool with them. 3 bucks per game. we played for 2 rounds. no win no lose. :) Had a great April Fool's Day with them.

my favourite of the day!

Our lovely desserts! 'Japan Combo!' One of my favourite. the noob guys! :P

Guess who is the blue t-shirt guy. HAH!

P/S : What you see is what you get. You wish to get the lucky star, but things turn up differently.

Friday, February 25, 2011

YES! I did it

Just a short update :)

YES! My finals were OUT! I'm glad that I PASSED all my papers. Congrates all students who passed the all papers too.

Second sem has started this year, PT1 is just around the corner. I'm sure everyone is pressuring now. Anyway, this saturday Jason having a birthday party at his house. Well, gamble once again. But I won't be gamble again. It's not cny also. what for to gamble. LOL.
Well, i better off to study! til then. CIAO!

I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid of silent. Whenever time I got nothing to do and the environment was quiet. Somehow it reminds me to think of you and that particular day I dreamt about you. But Indeed I have put down everything and move on. I'm glad i've made it. I just keep pray pray pray.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Lunar YEAR!

Sadly. this year we couldn't go back to Johore to celebrate cny with other relatives. So my dad planned to bring the whole family to Genting. Last minute planning. It was the first day of cny, while almost reach to GENTING try to get a nice parking. Unfortunately, Traffic jam while on the way to GENTING. that was a pretty sad. =/ But thank God we found a nice parking few steps away from the lift. :)
We went to 'Gohtong Jaya' area there for lunch.
The same place where me and my college friends had steamboat before.
7 bucks per bowl @@
one day trip to GENTING was kinda fun.

; my naughty sister.

After for few hours walked in GENTING. We went down to Courts and TESCO near the curve for shopping again. Then we headed to Auntie Helen's house to visit them. We couldn't celebrate in Johore. So we had dinner with them. After that, we went to DESA PARK City for a walked. Looking up the sky can see people putting lanterns. :) It was beautiful though. So happen that people putting fireworks right infront of our eyes. OMG! I was trying to snap some pictures of it. But my camera ran out of battery. x)
Auntie Helen's family and mine.

Random photos between me and my sister!
We were so bored inside the car. LOL

Thats all for the updates. Gonna keep watching 'LOVE BUFFET'. Aaron Yan sooooo handsome! xD College starts next week dy, why isit so fast? I'm still in cny mood lerh x)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

CNY EVE 2011

Chinese new year has arrived here.
On the chinese new year eve, once again! reunion dinner. This year Auntie Helen and family came and join us for the reunion.
My cousin,Marcus is the chef of the day! :) Italian's food for the very first time. I would said that the foods was simply AWESOME! Oh yeaah, I do learnt some recipe from Marcus. I helped up at the kitchen the whole day. While waiting for the time to pass, we play mahjong for few hours. Overall, I had a great time with my relatives. Oh great, my relatives from segamat just called up and said their area having flood. Most probably wont be going back to Johore this year. =/

Chinese new year FOODS!

Creamy macaroni
Chef of the day, Marcus-lianies.

Marcus recipe. isn't that nice?

Huattt Arrrr..

Last but not least, Will i turn that ugly when i get older?
awwww mannn. =/
To be continue for the CNY days.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's next?

Hello peeps, Chinese new year is around the corner. Well, just update a short post. i'm still surviving. hah! My college still doing fine. As usual. CAT no assignments yet homeworks everyday. As our t7 lecturer allows the student to bring laptop if any needed for lesson. So few of my classmates brought their laptop. While we having break time, they starts to play their games. LOL

AS you can see, they were so concentrate on their games instead of listening to the lecturer teaching xD
After class, we pass thru the cafeteria. They were having some kind of chinese new year event.
KC and Frau wrote some wishes for the G4. We are so touched :) LOL
Here they are :)

On thursday, Carmen and I went to Shabu Garden at kuchai lama for dinner. We had a great dinner :) chit-chat and met Cecelia and her family there.

We ordered so muchhhh..end up she can't finish, I have to finished all up. =S

On Friday, I dont have class. I'm having one week holiday. So shortttt :S RAWRR! So my gang plan to go IT fair to check out some PC accessories. We reached there around 10 something. Whao, I din expect that so many ppl reach the exibition so early. All the people there were waiting for the door to open. Guess what, pendrive 4Gb selling for 1 buck only for 100 customers. darn cheap right..
But there got condition. Each customer have to buy a laptop only can get pendrive for 1 buck @@ We queue up for awhile hoping to get the pendrive. By the way, external hard disk 500Gb selling for 99 bucks! super cheap. the people there were so crazy hoping to get for one each. Unfortunately, only 60 units sold out a day. I was standing the opposite corner and saw people take our their cash and grab for it. (but seems like they are hurger for foods) LOL
I brought a Gshark headphone for 39 bucks. I think consider cheap?
After that, we went to the cinema counter to buy movie tickets. We watched 'Homecoming' I watched twice already, But it's still fine while watching the second time HAHA! We had lunch inside Gardens, Nyonya Foods.
IT Fair 2011.

Packed with people in the early morning.

Met Kar Chun there. He worked as part time job.

The gang included, except Daniel. the one who was holding the camera and snap! LOL
Last but not least, My younger sister and I help out to decorate the house. Using ang pau :)
nice or not? I know it's kinda cacat. But i think we did a great job :)

Weeeeee :) can't wait for CNY! ang pau ang pau lai lai! :)